adidas Originals Bern - Coming Soon

Oct 22nd 2014

After the success of the Hamburg earlier this year, adidas Originals have again delved into the City Series archive to uncover more rarities. Up next on adidas' hit list is the Bern, a storied Switzerland city honoured by this distinct design. The colourway is unforgettable with rich blues and greens decorating the upper finished with a flash of gold to the inimitable stamp. This of course is complimented by the gum sole unit making the Bern one of the most desirable in the entire City Series.

The Bern is one of three re-issues coming over the next few weeks and will be available online and in-store this Saturday. (£70).

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adidas Originals Spezial - Apparel

Oct 17th 2014

Again from the same evolved concept as the footwear, the apparel in focus here is the brainchild of Gary Aspden and the product of adidas craftsmanship. The collection harks back to the golden age of the tracksuit in which Gary explains it was a symbol of affluence rather than anything else. To be viewed as leisurewear rather than sportswear, the Spezial apparel has an air of sophistication unlike most sportswear product and takes the fans back to a forgotten age.

Designed by Gary Aspden and lovingly crafted by adidas engineers, each piece of apparel is made with both quality and comfort in mind. Instead of overt branding, Spezial uses the Trefoil with respect and applies a small touch to each piece as a note of lasting quality. The winning combination of past and present makes Spezial a remarkable collection that uses forward thinking and historic reference to great effect.

One of the strongest themes throughout the Spezial apparel is of course travel and the memories it creates. This is something that fascinated Aspden throughout the design process and has come into fruition through the badges and graphic design. Remiscent of clean European design, adidas have created a number of unique patches to use on pieces like the Patch Hoodie and the Patch Sweater.

Another source of design inspiration was of course the tracksuit and Aspden's experience of sportswear in Northern England. It's something we still see today as not only is the tracksuit called upon for comfort, but as a status symbol and a suggestion of affluence. Instead of trying to create the flashiest tracksuit to get this across, adidas have opted for premium materials to make a subtle suggestion that the Spezial suits are slicker than the average. From brushed cotton to a hint of wool, both the Beckenbauer Suit and the Leisure pieces go way beyond our expectations in terms of fabric quality.

adidas has always been a reliable brand in terms of attention to detail and for fans of subtle detail, Spezial doesn't dissapoint. Look carefully and details like the reflective collars and branded tape set the collection apart from the rest without going over the top. Further details come in the shape of distinct badges and premium metal hardware pulling everything together.

 photo Spezial_blog_J2_zpsbb7113d0.jpg

Whilst sportswear is the main influence, Gary Aspden has also drew inspiration from other sources. Hints of military apparel come through the ripstop Coach Jacket and minimalist graphic design can be found on the expertly crafted t-shirts. adidas Originals has always lived up to it's name in the fact that it is truly original and by combining sports with appreciation for culture, Spezial lives up to the brand reputation.

Echoing the aesthetics of the footwear it's easy to see that Spezial is based on the past with a concern for the future. The reflective details used are a million times brighter than any material previously used on clothing and the ripstop coach is harder, better and stronger. It's this blend of past and present that adidas Originals fans appreciate and it's nice to see that Spezial retains the same formula.

All pieces in focus here will be available along with the footwear collection from October 25th. For release information and RRPs, please email


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adidas Originals Spezial Autumn & Winter '14 - Footwear

Oct 16th 2014

Touching down in London last year the adidas Originals 'Spezial' exhibition was unlike anything fans had witnessed before. Curated by Gary Aspden and featuring contributions from the likes of Robert Brooks, it was a breathtaking spread representing the best footwear decorated with the Three Stripes. It was this triumphant display of adidas Originals history that motivated Gary Aspden to take the concept that one step further. Using the most unique designs from the exhibition, Aspden has lovingly designed his own variations with adidas expertise and traditional techniques.

The Touring SPZL is undoubtedly one of the stand-out trainers within the range not least of all for it's retro appeal. This type of shoe hasn't been available in the adidas catalogue for decades and it's a real leisure classic. Adding a Spezial stamp, this new edition features a buttery soft green upper whilst the lightweight sole unit remains the same. The finishing touch is of course the stamped tongue branding and the leather Trefoil to the side.

Next upper is the Boston SPZL based on a achingly rare version of the shoe that was made in Spain. This SPZL edition features a new and improved toe-box increasing the sleek profile of the silhouette and the streamlined upper. The colourway remains reminscent of the original with an off-white punctuated by red accents and clear BOSTON branding.

Maybe the most intriguing Spezial footwear option is the Hand-Burg sitting somewhere between a Hamburg and a Handball Spezial. Combining these two German icons adidas have created a fresh original made using premium leather and capped off with a gum-sole. Sure to appeal to Spezial fans this is finished with woven tongue branding and that gold SPEZIAL stamp we know and love.

Have we saved the best until last? The final shoe is the Topanga SPZL based on the fabled adidas California. Channeling the same distinct design, this one features a buttery brown suede upper and a black mid-sole finished with a gum underneath. Next to the Touring SPZL, this is the one with the most interesting historic reference and is made with modern day expertise to make it a new twist on a classic.

Stay tuned for further release information on all four shoes before they launch October 25th. 

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Nike Air Force One CMFT 'Mowabb'

Oct 16th 2014

Applying the legendary 'Mowabb' colour palette to the Air Force One CMFT, Nike present this sneaker just in time for the winter. Somewhere in between an Air Force One and an Air Huarache, this edition features a sock lining finished with archived branding reminiscent of the brand's ACG golden years. The colourway seems to work perfectly on the Air Force One which is a naturally rugged silhouette suited to the ACG styling. From the beige upper to the flecked mid-sole, there's no mistaking the retro appeal of the 'Mowabb' colourway and this guise is sure to go down in history. 

The Nike Air Force One CMFT 'Mowabb' is now available in-store and will soon be available online. 

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adidas Originals x Neighborhood Autumn & Winter '14 - Footwear

Oct 10th 2014

Coinciding with the impressive range of soft goods, this season's collaboration has also threw up a number of original footwear designs. Just like the apparel the range combines clinical German engineering with a distinct aesthetic we can only associate with Neighborhood. Influences seem to come from everywhere as from Native American craftsmanship to sophisticated sportswear, this collection has it all. Commendably though, despite the creativity involved, adidas Originals history still shines through and the design inspirations like the Country and the Superstar are still recognisable even in these new guises. Each model is made to an exceedingly high standard and collaborative branding provides the finishing touches.

All of the limited edition models shown will be available online at 00:01GMT Saturday October 11th and be available in-store the following morning.

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