Puma Court Star - Coming Soon

Jun 25th 2014

Hitting an ace at exactly the right time, Puma are set to liberate an archived 80s design for a summer of tennis. Tennis footwear during the 70s and 80s was incredibly refined and this is something that has helped Puma's designs stand the test of time. These days tennis silhouettes have been reinterpreted as casual attire and it's clean silhouettes like the Court Star that win game, set & match.

This is the first time the Court Star has been reintroduced since it's inception all the way back in the 80s. In line with the gentlemanly aesthetics of the sport, it's constructed in a premium leather and finished with 'A Touch Of Class'. Actually, there are a few touches of class, one is undoubtedly the Formstripe and then the gold lettering placed above. All of this sits on top of a traditional sole which in this case has been treated for an authentic vintage feel.

The Court Star will take centre court this weekend. Stay tuned for detailed information.


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Odd Future Summer '14

Jun 24th 2014

Just in time for the summer Odd Future have dropped off their Summer '14 wares. As usual it's an off-the-wall affair with distinct graphics and hints of humor throughout. Odd Future is a brand unconcerned with fashion and it's refreshing to a see brand that has so much fun.

Highlights include a Taco remix of the Jordan logo, and a fresh take on the classic Donut. Just like we're used to, the collection spans everything from hats to t-shirts and even includes a range of soft goods. Predictably it's the socks that stand out with the group injecting creativity into a wardrobe staple. Each member of Odd Future is unique and this is something that translates well through each design.

OFWGKTA's summer '14 collection is now available in-store and will be available online shortly.


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HYPEBEAST Magazine : The Legacy Issue

Jun 20th 2014

Complimenting Hypebeast' daily digital output is of course an impressive print publication. Hypebeast leads the way in terms of digital content it's relevance seems to transfer well onto the pages of a magazine.

This issue is based on sporting legacy, and the admirable achievements of a number of athletes. From classic Michael Jordan imagery to a focus on World Cup build up, it's a fitting issue for a summer of sport. As usual, you can expect slick content and in-depth journalism from front to back. Head over to the website or pop in-store to grab your copy.


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Coming Soon : adidas x Rick Owens 'Tech Runner'

Jun 18th 2014

Continually pushing boundaries with his inimitable sense of design, Rick Owens holds an untouchable place in mens fashion. Surprisingly, his directional approach attracted adidas attention last year and the pair continue to work together into 2014. The partnership marks a new direction for adidas and running in the same vein as Yohji Yamamoto and Kanye West, Owens takes adidas into the unpredictable world of high fashion.

Contemporary design isn't something adidas is afraid of though and this twinned with experience is definitely a winning combination. The basis for the 'Tech Runner' is indeed a running profile. However, this is no adidas Boost as an exaggerated sole unit and  premium materials take the shoe through a barrier no 'runner' has ever broken. Despite this the result is surprisingly wearable and significantly more understated than last season's effort.

These are set to arrive with us in the coming weeks so stay tuned for release information following shortly. To make any inquiries, please contact us through dann@triads.co.uk

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Stone Island Ice Jacket Wool Blend - Coming Soon

Jun 10th 2014

Stone Island is a brand synonymous with pushing forward but with every creation the brand seems to surpass even itself. We've seen some astonishing efforts in the past but the coming season is arguably the strongest to date. As usual Stone Island have used a relatively conventional design in terms of silhouette but taken this season's ICE Jacket to a new dimension. This is through intelligent material choices and is the result of extensive and unfathomable research.

Entitled the 'Ice Jacket Wool Blend' this unparalleled piece of outerwear is indeed made from wool. However, it's definitely not the woolen jacket you'd expect it to be and there's a lot more at work than on the average duffel coat. Intertwined with polyester and treated to a thermocratic process, the jacket has the ability to change colour depending on temperature. This is with the help of pigment trapped in the inner molecules which gradually release to result in the jacket appearing a darker shade in colder conditions. Lastly, it's finished with a limited edition patch and a feather filled hood.

This piece priced at £995 is now available in-store. It will also find it's way online with the rest of our early AW14 delivery in the coming days.

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