Maison Kitsune Tee Spring & Summer '14 Collection

Feb 27th 2014

Maison Kitsune's youthful Tee collection is a number of seasons deep now with all the fresh and exciting qualities it began with. Retaining Maison Kitsune's Parisian influences but more concerned with music and art, Kitsune Tee is an authentic representation of uber cool culture in the city of light. Whether preppy or urban, Kitsune's graphics are easily identifiable and distinct to them as a brand. We're delighted to see some of our favourite prints return and a few unexpected ones in the mix too.

To summarise this season is as strong as all that have came before it. Still centred around Paris and still as energetic as it's ever been it's an impressive output from a brand we know we can depend on. From pink marl sweaters to limited edition Andre tees the common denominator is wearabillity and having fun. Head over to the store to view each piece in a little more detail and brose the full collection online now.

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Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaning Products

Feb 27th 2014

Proper care of your sneakers is an essential part of the sneaker game. If you thought getting hold of limited editions was the hard part, actually wearing them and keeping them in a crisp condition is a different issue entirely. Realising the need for a premium sneaker-care product Jason Markk stepped on the scene to offer footwear fans a lifeline.

This is not the cheap after care product they try and sell you at the local sports shop, Jason Markk produce serious product for those serious about their sneakers. One bottle of Markk's magic potion could be the saviour of nearly 200 pairs of kicks and between this and the Quick Wipes Jason has covered all the bases. A quick Google search and a few before and afters reveal that this stuff really does work too. Head over to the website to check out our Jason Markk essentials and be sure to Tweet us an image if it's done the job. 

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Converse First String 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star

Feb 26th 2014

The Chuck Taylor All Star is undoubtedly one of the distinct sneakers we've ever known. Often imitated but never duplicated it has come a long way from the court to become a staple on the streets. It's helped along by some of our generation's most influential rebels and is the shoe of choice for the free spirited and forward thinking. To celebrate the shoe's legacy Converse have liberated a remake of how the shoe appeared throughout the 1970s. Last year the First String Chuck Taylor caused quite a stir so just as you'd hope, the best few colourways are to be available again this season.

To celebrate the shoe's legacy Converse have liberated a remake of how the shoe appeared throughout the 1970s. Last year the First String Chuck Taylor caused quite a stir so just as you'd hope, the best few colourways are to be available again this season. The 70s All Star is a deceptive design. On first glance you'd be forgiven for thinking it was your average Chuck but closer inspection reveals there's a wealth of details proving that they really don't make them like they used to. From the toughened canvas to the reinforced footbed, there's plenty of archive inspired tweaks that improve everything about how the shoe fits and feels. Back on the outside a few aesthetic changes have also been made as the regular branding is swapped for black and the toe area is slimmed for a sleeker profile. The colourways spread across both the Ox and the High profiles and from Black to Sunflower Yellow there's a make-up for everyone.

Stay tuned to the website at 00:01GMT on 27/2 when these release in limited numbers.

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Carhartt WIP Spring & Summer '14

Feb 13th 2014

The ever dependable Carhartt is back again with it's Work In Progress collection this season and just as we've come to expect, they've covered all the bases. Work In Progress in essence is a trendier, much more contemporary version of the brand we know and love and although we know what to expect there's always a few suprises in the mix for good measure.

One thing that Carhartt excels with is layering. From lightweight chore jackets to t-shirts and shirting, each piece fits seamlessly with the next creating a wholesome collection. Their camo pieces are consistently amazing but this season the brand have developed an attractive 'Blue Camo' that's all new for spring '14. Add this to some of their staple silhouettes like the Michigan Coat and the Kickflip Backpack and the result is a great one.

Another highlight and a returning favourite is the 'College' branding. This season we've ushered in a number of College prints with the bold varsity lettering spanning everything from tees to hoodies. Going above and beyond the American inspired branding we're used to, Carhartt have actually dabbled with a reflective print breathing new life into their staples and bring them into a techy new dimension.

Take a look at the shots to see how it all fits together and stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram links as Carhartt's spring & summer '14 collection arrives online shortly. In the meantime though you can find the range in store at our Albert Road location.

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DOOM x Clarks Originals Spring & Summer '14

Feb 10th 2014

Tapping into the creativity of one of hip hop's most talked about figures, Clarks Originals liberate a new version of their iconic Wallabee. A permanent fixture in New York's hip hop scene, DOOM in one guise or another is responsible for a lot of great music. The metal-faced mystery began in the early 90s but by staying true to his craft is still an inimitable force in 2014.

When asked which of the Clarks Originals was his favourite, DOOM was quick to select the famous Wallabee. It's a shoe already entrenched in hip hop culture and with the help of the Wu-Tang clan it's been a shoe of choice for nearly twenty years. Working on a shoe with such history is of course a gargantuan task and DOOM hasn't approached it lightly. Considering every element of the silhouette's distinct design DOOM has created something unique to him as a personality and an entertainer. 

One of the main features is of course the mask printing decorating the Wallabee's lining. The mask is an instantly recognisable sign of DOOM as well as being a pretty cool print for a leather lining. The mask is also present on the heel in the form of an embossed detail and to finish metallic stitching runs throughout. The whole affair also comes packaged in a customised box making this an absolute must for fans of the legendary DOOM. The Clarks Originals x DOOM Wallabee will be available in limited numbers both online and in-store come February 14th.


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