Saucony x West NYC Shadow 5000 'Cabin Fever'

Apr 28th 2014

Teaming with premium sneaker outpost WEST NYC, Saucony present a custom version of the famed Shadow 5000 silhouette. Although the shoe is a naturally rugged and known for pounding the track, West NYC have interpreted it a little differently channeling the beaten track and distinct woodland influences. It's the obvious inspiration that earns them the 'Cabin Fever' moniker and following on from a summery 'Tequila Sunrise' effort in the middle of last year, these are the perfect sequel. First released in November (2013) through West NYC and gradually trickling down to other retailers, the 'Cabin Fever' quickly sold out and vanished from the market. Few have even surfaced on eBay since and even Saucony's London Pop Up was left drained after UK sneakerheads snapped up all that remained. To our knowledge, our allocation is the last and definitely your final chance to snag these before they're gone for good.

The instantly recognisable theme is perhaps what makes this collaboration so successful. Unlike many colabs that simply pair two logos, this one is the product of serious consideration and every element represents the great outdoors. From the bark coloured suede to the flecked midsole, they look and feel like a woodland environment rather than just claiming they're about it. Thankfully though it's not such a drastic overhaul. The Shadow 5000's usual tooling is in place and everything right down to the XT600 sole unit is exactly as it should be.

As mentioned this release is particularly limited and it's very much a case of fastest finger first when we launch these online later this week. At this point release details are not set in stone so stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram outlets for the final details. We'll also be posting live links to ensure sneakerheads have a fair shot. To register your interest and receive a link to your inbox, please contact

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Rockwell By Parra Spring - Summer '14

Apr 25th 2014

Parra is a familiar name on the street art circuit and one that makes an easy crossover into the world of street-wear. The Dutch born creative is most famous for his curved pop art with his work covering a myriad of medias including sculpture and animation. Respected and eclectic there's no mistaking a Parra graphic when you see the colourful humour injected into each and every piece.

As well as being a prolific artist and an electronic musician, Parra is also a co-founder and integral cog in the Rockwell machine. Acting as a fashion outlet for Parra's creativity, Rockwell is now stocked at some of the world's biggest stores and is to enjoy its first season with us here at Triads. Whilst the garments are all wardrobe staples the personality behind the label is inimitable.

From duck-faced women to flowing typography Rockwell By Parra is a great representation of Parra's unrestrained and unapologetic approach. Take a look at our shots below and stay tuned to the new arrivals section as the collection hits the site in the coming days. To ensure you don't miss out, why not head over to our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages too.


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Asics Gel 'CMYK' Pack

Apr 17th 2014

Adding a splash of colour to the famous Gel series Asics have concocted the 'CMYK Pack'. Inspired by the process of printing and the DPI aspect Asics have drew for the CMYK colours and lined each silhouette with dots. The sportswear giant is always on point when it comes to colourways but these four are particularly appealing thanks to their tonal looks.

As with all the best Asics, each model's redeeming features are retained including the split tongue of the GTIII and the Gel enhanced sole unit of the Saga. The only modifications are the injections of colour bringing the series to the forefront again spring and fans something else to lust after. You're probably familiar with how fast Asics premium stuff comes and goes so stay tuned to the new arrivals section with your trigger finger ready early next week.

*All four colourways will be available early the week beginning 21/4 whilst they're in-store now.

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Nike Air Max 1 FB 'Mercurial'

Apr 10th 2014

Nike is synonymous with innovation in every field and from the running track to the basketball court, the sportswear titan reigns supreme. Another sport they've been prevalent in is of course football and since 1971 Nike has pretty much had a monopoly on the pitch. After steady innovation since it's inception, Nike hit the back of the net in 1998 with the introduction of their Mercurial series.

Lighter and more cutting edge than ever before, the Mercurial series was a monumental advance in footwear offering players agility and speed that was limited by heavy footwear. Despite being so lightweight the Mercurial uppers have always been resistant offering protection through intelligent synthetics and an informed construction. In addition to being the product of research the Mercurial is the result of stunning design. Everything from the unmistakeable colourways to the bold branding makes them unforgettable and well worthy of this Air Max tribute.

The concept is impressive, taking design cues from some of the Mercurial's best moments and their unforgettable World Cup appearances ready for the next one. From 2002's to 2010's some of the most iconic are well represented and immortalized by the seminal Air Max 1. It's a fitting tribute and an important landmark for a boot series we all know and love.

Swapping the studs for a translucent undersole and the usual Air Max traits, Nike have made a sporting classic street-ready and appropriated it for 2014's summer of football. Four distinct colourways are available and all in limited numbers. Stay tuned to Nike section as the Air Max FB Mercurial pack launches April 12th.

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adidas Originals x Bedwin & The Heartbreakers Spring & Summer '14

Apr 08th 2014

For a number of seasons now Bedwin & The Heartbreakers have injected their own inimitable style into adidas Originals and created unique renditions of familiar staples. Combining Japanese tailoring with American sportswear ideals, spring and summer 2014 follows in the same vein as their previous efforts. In terms of footwear we've seen everything from Rod Laver espadrilles to rugged Superstar 80s and pretty much everything in between. However, this season's apparel seems to surpass previous collections to be better than ever before.

This season's apparel seems to pay particular attention to the season but also baring in mind how unpredictable weather can be. Seersucker suiting jumps to woolen outerwear offering the wearer a solution for everything eventuality. Lighter layers like the t-shirts are also in attendance appropriating the collection for the warmer months alongside shorts and lighter footwear. Each piece is of course made with Bedwin's meticulous attention to detail and combined with adidas' experience in the field.

Our picks from the limited editon Bedwin & The Heartbreakers x adidas Originals collection will be available online from 11th April and in-store the following morning.

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