Reebok Autumn & Winter '13

Jul 26th 2013

Reebok has come a long way since it's origins as a curious word in a South African dictionary and the brand has made it to 2013 with a storied legacy. Named around the Afrikaans word for an antelope, the brand has emulated the sleek and agile qualities of the animal and equipped the world's feet with these properties since 1958. Since the middle of the 20th century we've seen it all courtesy of Reebok. From Shaq dunkin' down in his infamous Shaqnosis to Allen Iverson providing us with The Answer. Whilst the brand has consistently advanced one thing sneaker fans take from Reebok is their unparalleled classics. Rarely changing the formula Reebok have held a strong place in the market with silhouettes like the 'Classic' and the 'Phase' returning season after season.

For autumn and winter '13 we're stocking a range of Reebok Classics with the first drop of them online now. From the progressive Pump Fury to the celebrated Phase II there's a lot that'll appeal to both hardened Reebok fans those with even a passing interest in good quality sneakers.



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adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott Autumn & Winter '13

Jul 23rd 2013

Ever the eccentric, Jeremy Scott has again added his inimitable stamp to adidas' Originals line. Whereas most collabs utilize one of the more experienced brand's existing models, Jeremy Scott broke the mould when the pair began work all the way back in '08 with the inception of the now iconic 'Wings' sneakers. Since their debut we've seen many striking iterations and from glow in the dark versions to holographic ones, each release seems to top the last. This type of desirably over-the-top esthetic has unsuprisingly garnered the attention of some of the world's more outlandish performers. Whether its ASAP Rocky this year or Kanye before his Nike love affair, the 'Wings' sneakers have had their fair share of unofficial endorsements. 

Despite the shocks of previous seasons 2013 sees the Kansas born designer turn things down just that little bit. Although an all-over dollar print might not seem particularly quiet this release has a distinct wearabillity thanks to the relatively easy colouring. Again slightly subdued is the Pixel colourway in a wearable black and white crafted with a premium leather. We can't see the designer calming down just yet but after the crazy summer collection it's nice to see a little change in pace. You can shop both of these new arrivals when they release on the 27th July as well as the remainder of summer '13 online now.


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Our Legacy 'Official' Autumn & Winter '13

Jul 22nd 2013

Few labels have found a place within the market so easily as Our Legacy. Ever since the brand's inception the Swedes behind it have never faltered and season after season somehow the offerings have been better than the last. They deal in subtlety and the type that older brands have spent years trying to perfect. Although the minimalist label has been maturing since '05 this is actually only our 2nd season with the brand and already we're looking forward to many more. From quirky print work to clinical tailoring the collections seem to consistently cover all the bases, with 'Official' doing so even more effectively than any in the past. Wearable but not over the top, 'Official' puts tie dyed button downs next to Italian wool jumpers and somehow offers a functional wardrobe. 

New for autumn & winter '13 is the addition of the 'Jacquard Dots' t-shirts, both long and short sleeved variations with polka dots intricately woven together on the inside. These are unique in terms of design but are versatile and wearable options when paired together with slightly heavier layers such as the 'Six Shirt'. As with previous seasons the brand have paid extra attention to quality of fabric, something we've come expect. As well as re-visiting reliable European spots like Portugal and Italy the OL boys have toyed around with a fine English silk duly creating one of the most luxurious shirts we've seen this year in their 'Classic' silhouette. Fabric is something the detail obssesed brand are concerned with but rather than experimenting for the sake of it they always seem to create something worthwhile. 

You can catch the first drop of Our Legacy's 'Official' collection online now as we await further installments as the season goes on.



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Kitsune Tee Collection Autumn & Winter '13

Jul 19th 2013

Serving as a more playful offshoot of the sophisticated Maison Kitsune label, the brand's 'Tee' collection is back again for autumn and winter '13. As with previous seasons the brand play heavily on their Parisian roots as well as the Ivy League aesthetic their mainline is attached to. From romantic images of foxes on skateboards to another collaboration with the infamous 'Andre' it's a pretty comprehensive collection despite it's light hearted nature. 

The 'Parisien' t-shirt is becoming somewhat of a Kitsune Tee staple and for this season they've re-worked it in the hues Mr Saraiva selected for their pairing last time round. Following from the success of this aforementioned teaming the guys at Kitsune have this season enlisted the help of another artist, Genevieve Gauckler. Genevieve's curious design depicts how she sees Kitsune recent Japanese takeover. We're not quite sure if skating foxes is what we had in mind but nevertheless 'with a valiant heart anything is possible'. 

You can check out all of the mentioned t-shirts amongst the whole collection arriving online shortly.


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Jul 18th 2013

The first drop of Vivienne Westwood Anglomania AW13 has arrived in store and it’s getting us all very excited for what’s yet to come.

The Anglomania Autumn/Winter 2013/14 Collection is inspired by London – The city where it all began. Drawing inspiration from the citys great landmarks both past and present, as well as archive prints from Vivienne’s collections dating from her Punk roots to present day. The stand-out piece for us in this small selection of Autumn/Winter 13’s offering is the beautifully sculpted Halton Dress, in possibly the most attention demanding Anglomania print to date. Featuring swans, florals, dragons and more, all set on a vibrant tartan backdrop, the Sea Monster print is as wild and eccentric as it gets and there are still more pieces showcasing the Sea Monster print to come.

 photo BLOG_westwood_1_zpsb51f2679.jpg

 Another print that is very prominent in the collection is the London Bridge image - a homage to the city that gave life to Anglomania. In this first drop, the magnificent Profile Coat showcases this unique print in a grey, purple and black colourway. 

For those Westwood fans with a more parred down taste, but a love for Vivienne’s draping and unusual shapes, look to the super soft jersey pieces such as the berry hued Shaman Dress and Twisted Puutsi top, and the structural Consort Skirt.

We already love the look of Anglomania AW13, and we cannot wait to see what else the collection has in store for us.

All the pieces mentioned above are in store now and will be online soon. The rest of the collection will be arriving shortly...


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