adidas Jeremy Scott Spring & Summer 2013

Jan 25th 2013

Jeremy Scott with all due respect has always been a little 'off the wall' and we don't mean he works for Vans. We've always been in awe of his winged footwear but this time round he seems to have out-weirded even himself. From fluffy teddy bears to license plated sneakers we thought we'd seen it all. We're glad Mr. Scott is keeping 'em coming however, as Spring & Summer '13 looks set to be a good one. The adidas and Jeremy Scott saga is one that we've followed closely and we are overjoyed at stocking it this season, one of the most captivating collaborations of them all.

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 photo JeremyScott3_zpsb1e7f42c.jpg

Drawing obvious inspiration from Native American forefathers these almost make us want to don the full regalia, obviously stopping short at the spear. Crafted from a synthetic leather and slapped on top of a relatively sensible EVA midsole they are a quite a sight to behold. The biggest source of flight since Red Bull, and that's a fact. The Jeremy Scott 'Totem' is available through us on the 1st of February. Please be mindful of the fact that this is a highly coveted release and it will be very much a case of fastest finger first on the day.

 photo JeremyScott2_zpse39869d8.jpg .

 photo JeremyScott4_zps07978bdb.jpg

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Adidas Greenstar Spring & Summer '13

Jan 21st 2013

The adidas Greenstar represents a point in history. More than just a sneaker it is a reference point for sub culture and an exciting time both on our shores and over the pond. Born in the 70's it is a silhouette than spawned some of the brand's most storied models including the Tournament and the wildly popular Campus. Although we see it asone of the best casual sneakers on the planet, it is actually deep rooted in sporting heritage, primarily a basketball shoe before anything else. It's subtle aesthetic and clean lines made it the perfect shoe to be re-worked into team colourways with huge teams like the Boston Celtics all clamouring to slap their home colours on it. Some years later the silhouette also received a Golf appropriate makeover which saw it all spiked up and leather-ed out, which was erm...very interesting indeed. As mentioned, it eventually turned into the Tournament and then finally the Campus and the rest as they say, is history.

 photo Adidas_zps369fe65f.jpg

For Spring & Summer '13 adidas have blessed us with two new colourways of the historic Greenstar, both constructed from a rough suede with a 'hairy' touch. adidas have also matured the sneaker by adding premium leather to the stripes and heel ensuring it's fit to compete in today's competitive sneaker game. As usual the court friendly sole remains and they come with a spare set of laces for the baller looking to switch things up a little. Both colourways are now available with worldwide shipping. You can find them here, in our adidas originals section.

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Stone Island Spring & Summer '13

Jan 17th 2013

It's always interesting to see how a brand that primarily deal in outerwear tackle the summer months. Although Stone Island know how to throw together a cracking polo shirt, a cracking jumper, and a cracking pair of jeans come to think of it, their real passion is outerwear. However, when it comes to summer somehow they still make us lust after a jacket! This season the brand have excelled even themselves as both their mainline and Shadow Project offerings stop just short of life changing.



From the futuristic 'Ghost Jacket' to the throw-on 'Over Shirt' Stone Island have a solution for everything. They even make waterproof jackets that somehow just banish precipitation altogether. Research and experimentation is something we always skipped in school and college, going right for the finished product which would always turn out under par. Stone Island are a little wiser than that, thus making primary research a major part of their work. As well as a number of well performing jackets they haven't neglected to tend to the lighter layers, creating a range of exceptionally cut polo shirts sitting alongside the traditional tees. Consistent innovation from the brand that are outfitting the future.

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You can shop our full Stone Island range here as well as our perfectly curated Shadow Project offering right here. Tell us what you think on Facebook.

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mita sneakers x adidas Originals January Launch

Jan 09th 2013

We've always trusted the Japanese when it comes to sneakers. Not only are they a nation of great taste but they've also got a booming market for athletic shoes, a market much greater and diverse than the one on our humble shores. One of the stores ruling Japan's booming sneaker head contingent is of course mita sneakers, a company who know exactly how to throw a pair of trainers together. They use a few trademarks like their 'mesh fencing' but they consistently keep things fresh and keep us guessing which silhouette they're going to flip next.


After a succesful Autumn & Winter last year we've just received a new offering as part of their collaborative Holiday pack which sees them team up with Adidas. As usual the silhouettes are of the classic and versatile kind, the kind that can appeal to anybody, whether you're up on mita sneakers or not. The Tobacco is one we didn't expect to see, it's been a coveted shoe in our country for a while now so for a bunch of cool Japanese guys to get their hands on it is not something we imagined. We're grateful though as the results are nothing short of stunning with the design baring striking similarity to the sought after OG version. The other two models are obviously big in Japan and loved the world over so we're definitely pleased to see them make a return in some suitably versatile colourways.


This type of attractive design comes with a few downisdes however and as you can appreciate our numbers remain lower than a snake's belly. Such highly coveted shoes obviously warrant demand and when we posted these on our Facebook last week we almost had to hire another member of staff to deal with the questions. The official release date for this pack is the 30th of January and the prices are £77 for the Tobacco and £90 for the Campus and Superstar. If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to reach out using


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Clarks x YMC Collaboration Spring & Summer '13

Jan 03rd 2013

Clarks are a brand that need no introduction. Their storied history speaks for itself and without even considering it we all owe thanks to the late great Nathan Clark, one of the greatest footwear designers of our time. It's somewhat amazing then, to see Clarks' constant innovation whilst staying true to their tradition. They stay consistent with their time honoured silhouettes whilst still finding time to cook up new models, none of them ever flopping.


For Spring & Summer '13 Clarks have excelled even themselves. Such a head turning collaboration though, was of course a two brand job. This is where the innovative YMC saunter in. YMC are one of the most interesting brands in our portfolio if not one of the most interesting brands on our shores. Their quirky ways follow form and function and their collections are the anti-drab, positively brimming with pattern and colour. By their own admission they are a brand uninfluenced by trends, much to our approval. Thinking outside the box is something we admire so we know exactly where the London based brand are coming from.

For their pairing both brands seem to have agreed mutually on a huge Native American influence, re-working two traditional moccasin silhouettes and blessing them with their English sensibilities. Both models are crafted from luxurious leathers from Blenkinsop and are accented with quirky navajo detailing. The crepe sole also reigns supreme and thick and durable, wrapping around. Both models are online now and as we hope you can appreciate numbers are low whilst demand is high. Best not to sleep on this one. Head over here to take a look at both of the unique styles.

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