Levi's Vintage Clothing Spring & Summer '13

Feb 26th 2013

Levi's and their 'LVC' line is highly regarded among those in the know. From devoted forum types to Americana aficionados it is one of menswear's great talking points and their collections always seem to get tongues wagging. They're kind of like a sneaker brand in the sense that they always have their fans guessing which archived model they're going to re-release or which of their styles are set to make a comeback. Also similar to a sportswear brand they also have a history in toil and hard work, outfitting the nation's strongest men and hardest grafters.

 photo 003_zpscf9a77e0.jpg

Work and utility wear has always been prevalent in the brand's collections before now but for Spring & Summer '13 Levi's have sped off down a slightly different route, head first into the historic 'Hot Rod' scene. Famed for their flash cars and fiery engines, it is easy to overlook the participants attire. However, closer inspection with a keen eye reveals that the racers were actually impeccably dressed as well as impeccably driven. From a fresh pair of Levi's to a piece of embellished shirting, both the drivers and spectators looked the part when it came to race-day and that's what Levi's have paid homage to.

 photo 002_zpsf9a1e709.jpg

It's a bold collection which is heavily centred around the culture's main epicentre, the United States. The stars and stripes feature on numerous occasions and traditional materials are used for that authentic American aesthetic. The offering is a comprehensive one and there are a number of versatile t-shirts and sweatshirts to layer with the more jazzier shirts enabling day to day wear. As you might expect the denim is also well considered and even sees one of favourite models make a welcome return. The 605 is a skinny silhouette and arguably the most contemporary pair on the LVC roster. This year we see them in a wearable 'Heavy Rain' wash which seems to gel well with everything we've put them to. Levi's are experts when it comes to crafting collections that both impress and perform so you can be confident that for every crazy piece there is a grounded piece waiting to go with it. Anyway, that's quite enough talking about it (we did warn you) so take a look at our full range here in the coming days and don't forget to tell us what you think on Facebook.

 photo 006_zps45696f6f.jpg

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Raf Simons x Fred Perry Spring & Summer '13

Feb 22nd 2013

Raf Simons & Fred Perry just can't leave each other alone. They're like that couple that just keep getting back together, except they actually work incredibly well in unison. In the past their collaborative efforts have churned out edgy, sophisticated and cutting edge and this year they've done the same. From panther print to block colouring the two have played around with some interesting stuff and the results are stunning.

 photo raf1-2_zps57543ee2.jpg

On top of visual appeal the collection also showcases some futuristic design elements as two of the polo shirts boast removable collars. We hear you asking what's a polo shirt without a collar? Well, there's two...so how about that? This quirky innovation also extends to the bomber jacket which also boasts the same nifty little feature as well as the added bonus of a dash of floral print. All the garments are highly appropriate for season and crafted with wearability and comfort in mind to prevent the wearer from becoming a victim of fashion.

 photo raf-2_zpsa2d73707.jpg

Raf Simons is a guy that definitely knows what he's doing with a needle and thread and it's pretty incredible that he's even found time to put this collection out! Juggling work for Christian Dior with work for his own mainline efforts, his talents are spread pretty wide. We're appreciative that he squeezed this one in though as we've only just realised one collar won't quite cut it anymore. You can shop our full collection here and tell us what you think on Facebook.

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Evil Twin Ill Faded And Sedated

Feb 20th 2013

Introducing EVIL TWIN, the brain child of Jodie Mckenzie. Originating in Australia and known for its beautiful prints, this brand is quickly developing cult status with feisty girls the world over. 'Ill Faded and Sedated' has just dropped here at Triads and we LOVE it! 

With new pieces coming to our shop floor and website every month the collection is always looking beautiful and fresh. The January pieces included Shredded Knitwear in both black and bone, the 'Shadow Play' Cardigan and Drape Hem Top in a black and white print. These monochrome pieces sit beside a vibrant range of colours in the 'Outer Limits' Blouse and 'Triple Swirl' Shirt.

 photo eviltwinblog2-2_zps7cb8e55c.jpg  photo eviltwinblog1-2_zps1beb2530.jpg

Our favourite piece here at Triads Ladieswear is definitely the 'Total Recall Mini Dress' which is the perfect little black dress, complete with fantastic faux leather tassel detailing - It's a must have! We would style ours with the 'Shadow Play' cape and Jeffrey Campbell's Lita Spikes for the perfect outfit. 

 photo eviltwinblog-2_zpsa806c08a.jpg

We are very excited about this brand and with our February pieces available VERY SOON, get it while you can. 

Buy Evil Twin here.

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Puma Disc Blaze February '13

Feb 18th 2013

Did you know that all of the amazing technology the Puma Disc System boasts actually stems from a case of boredom? Well, we're guessing there's a little more to it than that but that's what one of the brand's vintage print ads might suggest. Harnessing all the technical ability and extensive research of a team of German engineers the 'Disc System' opened mouths in the early 90's and has been continuing to do so ever since. Granted the shoes aesthetic may go over the heads of those with only a fleeting interest in footwear, but the true connoisseurs definitely know what time it is when it comes to this classic design.

 photo Pumadisc1_zps0fbdc637.jpg

It's a shoe that has come a long way since it's inception and the design team behind this year's rejuvenated models have done a fantastic job at blessing it with some new relevance. Although many have shunned the model for it's previously bulky looks, these days it is light and nimble, making it appropriate for athletic pursuits as well as styling on the streets. From Usain Bolt to famous lady long jumpers it's always been a shoe for the forward thinking and fast moving. In the past we've seen it dressed up in all kinds of manners, some slightly more crazy than others. We won't go into detail but from The Goonies to pink Cheetah print, it's fair to say we've seen it all. 2013 looks like a positively restrained year for the model however, as we see it in two equally attractive and versatile colourways. It's a limited affair and judging by the response on our Facebook and Instagram pages the demand is alarmingly high.

 photo Pumadisc2_zps798a98f6.jpg

It's not all about looks though and we couldn't pen a blog post about them without schooling you on how they actually work. More than just a pair of shoes they are to be looked upon as a scientific marvel. By turning that unassuming disc on the tongue the wearer has the ultimate ability to comfortably alter the whole fit of the shoe, gently tweaking it to suit the foot and it's needs. We won't bore you with physics but basically the hidden wires begin to constrict, pulling the shoe tighter and resulting in customized comfort wear after wear.

 photo Pumadisc_zpse9dca055.jpg

So, there you have it. Two colourways. One fantastic technology. Are you 'Turned On' yet? You can take a look at the Puma Disc Blaze here.


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adidas originals x Jeremy Scott 'Street Ball & CNY Wings'

Feb 07th 2013

We've already told you about the 'Totem Pack' but we've just taken delivery of yet more madness for Spring & Summer '13. Our latest delivery of the adidas originals x Jeremy Scott collaboration justifies re-working that old phrase, "as mad as a box of monkeys". From now on we're going to say "as mad as a box of Jeremy Scott". We've seen some really outlandish footwear in our time but both the 'Street Ball' and the 'Chinese New Year Wings' well and truly take the proverbial biscuit.

 photo 06_zps97deb3e4.jpg

 photo 07_zps5f394068.jpg

The first silhouette we'll tell you about is the 'Street Ball'. Jeremy has used this model a few seasons ago but the latest make-up surpasses what the previous version did and goes eyes closed and all guns blazing into a storm of colour and texture. From furry zebra print panels to faux scales, it's a mismatched affair and one you really have to see to believe. As crazy as it may be, it's one of the most sought after shoes of recent times so if they tickle your fancy it's probably best not to hang around.

 photo 01_zps4117ce2a.jpg

 photo 03_zpsccb28422.jpg

The next one up is the Chinese New Year edition of the ever popular and thoroughly inimitable 'Wings'. Loosely based on a basketball profile it has become an iconic silhouette since it's inception and a pair of wings these days can fetch as much money as they can intrigue. This particular edition is adorned with an embroidered silk upper utilising suitably Far Eastern hues. The only signs of restraint come into play on the sole which is a traditional adidas basketball sole, hard wearing and long lasting. The 'CNY Wings' have been designed with the helping hands of Eason Chan, a guy we're told has quite the voice, a leading man in his 'Cantopop' genre. He's also a guy that has sold out gigs faster than Lady Gaga, a guy with over 30 albums under his belt and a guy that's starred in over 20 films to boot. Jeremy and Eason have been acquaninted for years now and what better way to commemorate their on going friendship than a special footwear drop? Anyway, we'll leave you with one of his classics and a link to the shoes. Enjoy.

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