Stussy BIANNUAL Volume One

Apr 30th 2013

There's few brands with a richer history and modern relevance than Stussy so it was only right that the brand document this somehow. With digital content popping up then fading fast the Californian company have wisely chosen a foray into print, drawing up a concise little publication that will inevitably be delved into time and time again. It's printed on high grade paper not too far from the brand's base in Los Angeles so it's got that great homegrown organic feel to it in comparison to many brand's more commercial outputs.

 photo 001_zps34f9fb28.jpg

The first issue of the BIANNUAL magazine sets the tone for things to come. We're excited by the suggestive title as it immediately gives us another one to look forward to this year, as if the debut wasn't thrilling enough. Volume One ties into the Spring 2013 collection which is handy as it's a collection with many talking points. As well as product shots and lookbooks portraying the items in all their glory, there is also a number of features which give us a great insight into the Stussy Tribe. They're a group with an incredibly interesting online presence so it's nice to see them translating their energy into print and getting the same vibe down on paper. 

 photo 004_zps9ec12dc5.jpg

From vintage Thrasher ads to tours with LVRS, the magazine documents Stussy's lifestyle perfectly and and is candid view into the brand's goings on. One of the most intriguing features is Craig Fineman's photo essay on the pool skating phenomenon. Stussy is synonymous with skate, surf and beach culture so it's a very natural feature and a knowledgeabke one at that. In addition there's also a great piece of the Japanese pop artist Keiichi Tanaami which sheds a little light on the creative's crazy pieces.

 photo 005_zpsd06539f9.jpg

All in all Stussy's BIANNUAL Vol 1. is an absorbing publication and one that definitely evokes excitement for the future. The brand has had a cracking couple of decades and if things continue as they are then we're looking forward to many more, all recorded within the pages of their new project. Like the number of stockists, the number of units is also agonisingly low but we have a small amount of both covers that are available both in store and online now priced at £8.

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Adidas Spring & Summer '13 'Japan Pack'

Apr 29th 2013

We love adidas and their trips to Japan, they're like our generous friends, never coming home empty handed. In the past we've seen the brand team up with companies like Beauty & Youth, mita Sneakers and The Soloist to name a few so we were excited when they announced the line-up for their latest offering. It's widely acknowledged that our Japanese friends get all the best stuff but adidas' collaborations regularly bridge the gap between Europe and Asia, bringing us the type of shoes we could previously only dream of getting our hands on.

As mentioned, this year's line up is arguably the finest ever. There's four companies involved (one of which comes later) each one refreshingly different to the last. From the design sensibilities of the upscale United Arrows brand to the edgy streetwear style of X-LARGE and ZOZOTOWN it's a pack with a lot of appeal, even though tastes will inevitably vary.

For those with a more reserved sense of swagger the UNITED ARROWS ZX500 will be the one to pluck for. It's a subtle affair that doesn't even feature any of the company's branding, only adidas branding can be found throughout! In today's climate this is a particularly unheard of move but one that's undoubtedly tasteful. The ZX500 is a silhouette most adidas fans will cherish and so as not to upset anyone UNITED ARROWS have selected quite a harmonious colour pallette in which soft grey suede sits alongside tough forest green leather. In addition to the reserved choices there is a subtle flash of illuminous green towards the rear of the shoe as well as to the bottom of the sole, an exciting little touch that rounds off a graceful make-up perfectly.

 photo 010_zps6baacb62.jpg

 photo 007_zps162e589f.jpg

For the flashier footwear fanatic there's the ZOZOTOWN produced Campus 80s silhouette. As one of the biggest retailers in Japan, they're a company that can afford to go a little crazy as they've got a colossal following to sell to. Their rendition of the iconic Campus 80s silhouette is enviously creative and it's sure to be one of those shoes that every other brand wish they thought of first. Fusing animal hair and snakeskin it is a wild twist on what was previously a pretty tame silhouette.

 photo 003_zps58601a92.jpg

 photo 004_zps6bc1d3fd.jpg

Last and by no means least is the X-LARGE version of the legendary Superstar. Like ZOZOTOWN, the popular streetwear brand have opted for a spot of animal hair to create a giraffe theme that runs throughout. This is in combination with a rustic looking suede which creates a nice contrast between the two elements. One of the most renowned streetwear brands reworking one of the most urban models of all time, it was almost meant to be!

 photo 002_zps19a85f4d.jpg

 photo 006_zpse79d541e.jpg

So there you have it, a nice little breakdown of the latest Japan Pack, a breakdown which we hope has answered that all important 'which one?' dilemma. All three silhouettes are now online in limited quantities and you can find them here.


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Tricker's For Triads Spring & Summer '13

Apr 26th 2013

Continuing our established allegiance with Tricker's this season we're pleased to present three new silhouettes, all respectful variations of classic British models. They're a company we're very familiar with and our previous releases have gone down particularly well with our discerning customers. Tricker's is one of the leading names in footwear and they've been making their unparalleled bespoke footwear since 1829, and it's their years of experience that's seen them royally appointed.

Quality is something we at Triads hold in high regard so it's a collaboration that came naturally to our design team. Tricker's shoes are particularly versatile in the sense that they often tread the fine line between smart and casual whilst all are suitable for day to day wear. For our latest installment of our ongoing series we've opted for three very different models on the premise that there's a little something to appeal to everyone.

The first model is the iconic brogue known as the Acorn Antique Brogues. Brown brogues are an unmistakably British phenomenon. They are a versatile solution that straddle smart and casual elements effortlessly but few examples are as beautiful as these. With the iconic status of the Tricker's brogues in mind we've chosen only subtle adjustments to retain the sense of simplicity they're appreciated for. To summarise we've used slightly different eyelets and a hard wearing natural leather sole to add unique elements and tasteful adaptations to what is already a legendary silhouette. We talk about longevity a lot but these are quite possibly the definition of the word and are highly likely to outlast even the wearer himself!

 photo trick01_zps821dddeb.jpg

 photo trick03_zps8ec393e5.jpg

Secondly is the Toe-Cap Derby Brogue. Again it's a shoe we've played with before but this is arguably the stronger re-interation as it is a product of even more rigorous contemplation. They're made with one of the brand's most durable pebbled leathers, a leather which looks amazing and ages well at the same time. For the mid-section we've opted for an intelligent Scotchguard Repello™ suede which is optimized for easy maintenance and unrivalled durability. As well as these well performing materials we've also selected a patent leather toe cap and a textile heel pull which adds a touch of styling not usually found on this model.

 photo trick05_zps99209b81.jpg

 photo trick08_zps585ea8da.jpg

Finally and should we say last but not least is the Longwing, it's a shoe we've played around with in the past with a more seasonal colourway but this latest release is designed with simplicity in mind with a medium grey geared towards versatility. It's a make-up that transcends throwaway styling as the distressed and pebbled leather combination is designed to withstand the test of time by looking good and performing well. In keeping with the shoe's traditional elements we've retained the leather sole and kept all the same suede panels but finished with a heel tab to give the shoe a unique dimension.

 photo trick09_zps9521d798.jpg

 photo trick12_zps02adf561.jpg

All of the three mentioned are now online in painfully limited numbers. You can also click through here to find our previous releases in the few sizes remaining. Free worldwide shipping comes as standard across the full Trickers For Triads range.

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Odd Future Spring & Summer '13

Apr 23rd 2013

We don't want to judge our hip hop heroes too harshly but generally speaking rappers and clothing lines don't really gel too well. Great music doesn't always translate into great fashion but when it comes to Odd Future, the collective seem to have both down to a fine art. It's not the over designed motorcycle jackets most rappers come out with and it's certainly a world away from Wu-Wear. Instead of the exuberant hip hopping attire we're accustomed to it's actually a very considered affair, more of a complete collection than a range of merchandise.

 photo 6-1_zpsba737e0b.jpg

As musicians Odd Future have enjoyed a particularly speedy rise to fame. Hailing from the streets of Los Angeles they are a great representation of the youth scene over there as they embody an enviously relaxed way of life. They're a pretty big outfit too with 12 members and a number of affiliates rollin' with them straight outta Fairfax. It's universally understood that rappers are pretty cool dudes but few have a better look than Odd Future. Not only is their own line incredibly wearable but their personal styles makes it particularly easy to get on board. To compliment their own efforts the crew often don a simple pair of Vans and rather than flashiness its all about simplicity and a unique 'swag' as they like to put it.

 photo 1-3_zps77304387.jpg

In terms of what we've chosen we feel we've gone for a pretty decent collection spanning socks and beanies all the way up to tees and hoodies. Each piece is extremely high quality and no matter what the print is, it's guaranteed that it's durable and hard wearing. In addition a number of the pieces also feature a little quirk when it comes to the sizing label. Rather than the S,M,L we've become accustomed to, the brand have opted for a little diagram displaying a guy bloating from little to large. This is the type of dark humour the brand is renowned for, and again their overriding originality shining through. All of our Odd Future selection is now online and available to purchase here.

 photo 2-4_zps1f95f6c1.jpg

You don't have to understand it to appreciate that it's undeniably cool. Take us for example, we don't have a clue what 'Golf Wang' means but we'll wear it with pride all the same. We love kittens, we don't want to see them branded with a cross for the sake of a t-shirt but when it's Odd Future we really don't mind. We're not sure why they like crosses and donuts so much either but they're a shade cooler than us so we guess we'll leave them to it. Anyway, all of our Odd Future selection is now online and available to purchase here.

 photo 3-4_zpsec074c31.jpg

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Bold Florals & Feminine Fabrics : Vivienne Westwood Anglomania SS13.

Apr 20th 2013

As always, our most eagerly awaited collection never fails to blow us away. Vivienne Westwood Anglomania is an old favourite that just keeps getting better.

For SS13, the collection takes a decidedly more feminine path with bold florals, draping asymmetric hems and delicate embroidery. As well as this, classic corset blouses and oversized tops give the collection that unmistakeable Westwood feel.

 photo WEST_05_zps5ff6cab9.jpg

Showstopping pieces from the Queen of British style are a go to for big events and that Summer wedding you’ve got coming up is the perfect place to showcase some of the bold floral pieces of SS13. When it comes to separates, the stunning Liberty Skirt and beautiful draping fabric of the Desire Blouse are the perfect pairing. If a fuss-free dress is more to your taste, then look no further than the Antoinette Dress. With a slight cowl neck, dip hem and figure skimming bias cut, it begs for sunshine and celebrations.

 photo WEST_06_zpscc39c693.jpg

A classic Westwood style is showcased in the mind blowing Eight Dress. With it’s layers upon layers of draping printed cotton, the dress can be manipulated to be worn at two different lengths – A feature that we could only expect from the Dame herself. Sticking with the asymmetric draped style but for a slightly different taste, look no further than the elegant Gladiator Dress in a super soft fuchsia fabric.

 photo WEST_02_zpsd41ea3a3.jpg

For the first season in a long time, we have brought back Anglomania shoes and once you see them, you’ll surely understand why. Isabelle is a beautiful 3 strap, sky high Mary Jane with a Westwood twist and the stunning Scarlet... Well, just look...

 photo WEST_01_zps2df2a983.jpg

Yeah, we know.

As always, stock is limited so claim your favourite piece early to avoid disappointment!

View the full collection and buy your favourite pieces HERE.

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