Eastpak Camo Collection

Nov 28th 2012

What a carry on. No, we're not talking about a huge palaver or a particularly funny retro comedy film, we're actually taking about Eastpak's new carry on luggage. Good luggage is essential as it represents the type of guy you are at the airport carousel. No country officials like to see people touching down in their country with tired old luggage so its best that you set the right impression. We're joking of course, they're much more bothered about you having your passport to hand. Regardless of what the officials think, its definitely a good idea to get your porting game in check.


The Eastpak camo collection is a tremendously good one. It's ironic however, that they are adorned with a print that was originally intended to disguise the wearer yet they somehow make such a great sartorial statement. We're delighted to have Eastpak back in the house and we couldn't have picked a better range to start back off with. It's small but perfectly formed consisting of three different bags each with their own individual merits.


Whether you need a generously sized number to take with you on your world tour or a handy little shopper to saunter around town with, rest assured we've got your back. Each piece comes with a confident 30 year warranty to ensure complete peace of mind. Eastpak stand behind their products and predict that the bag will more than likely outlast the customer. See the video below for visual proof, poor skelly.

No time for mourning, back to the bags. Each piece comes with quality as given, a meticulous attention to detail goes without saying. YKK zips and hard wearing stitching is present on all the bags no matter how fancy they may look. It seems many brands and select stores have been picking up on Eastpak's quality craftsmanship lately as they've hooked up with brands like Wood Wood and Christopher Shannon as well as working with some of the worlds best extreme sportsmen. Eastpak are never not working and stay busy putting the product out. You can shop our Eastpak range here, but don't forget to drop us a line and tell us which one is your bag. In addition we also have a huge range of bags from a few other names, including picks from brands such as Penfield and Herschel Supply Co.


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The Triads Christmas Gift Guide

Nov 22nd 2012

Christmas can be a troublesome old time. Granted we sound a little like scrooge here but we're simply echoing the thoughts of many. Along with food, fun and folly there is also a tense underlying issue which can potentially hinder your enjoyment of the festive season. The issue we're referring to is of course the Christmas list! Trying to extract a Christmas list from any man of a mature age is like trying to get blood from a stone (not easy). The grunts and 'I don't knows' are about all the man can muster. Of course there are exceptions and every guy wants a Ferrari but finding thoughtful, modestly priced gifts for the male of the species is a notoriously difficult task. Here at Triads we're always happy to help. In fact, we don't even need asking. We've helpfully curated a selection of 12 gifts for the chaps, 5 weeks before the big day. Just call us your little elves.


1. Stussy Athletic Print Scarf - A scarf for Christmas almost goes without saying and you're probably going to receive more of them than you need. Heck, there's even two in this very gift guide. However, don't overlook it, getting yourself a good one is of paramount importance. This seasonally coloured number by Stussy utilises two colours and bares bold Stussy branding so you could argue theres nothing not to like.

2. Norse Projects Birnir Multi Mitten Poppy Red - They're not just for kids you know. Mittens are in fact a pretty efficient way of keeping your hands warm. What do you need fingers for anyway? These ones display a cosy winter pattern and are finished with the Norse Projects branding tab. 

3. YMC Navajo Bobble Hat Navy - It took us a while to determine which bobble hat would make the cut but we're pretty confident with our final decision. A beautiful Navajo pattern and a fit that will accommodate most. Finished with a bobble on top, just for fun.

4. Vivienne Westwood Small Good Nappa Wallet - Everyone talks about luxury during the festive period but we aren't talking about an upper echelon mince pie, this is the real deal. A finely crafted leather wallet from one of the most historic names in British Fashion.

5. Obey Noreaster Map Backpack - Although the title suggests a completely different celebration that is usually sometime in April, this one makes a cracking Christmas gift. It is well sized to accommodate a wealth of contents and its decorated with a particularly seasonal tweed. Pays homage to the traditional hiking equipment of yesteryear whilst still staying suited to the modern man.

6. Carhartt Military Watch - Carhartt never disappoint when it comes to accessories. This functional timepiece is everything it needs to be, beautifully refined and right on time. Absolutely timeless. Please pardon our hideously cheesy pun.

7. Ally Capellino Indigo iPad Sleeve - Human beings sport waxed cotton jackets so why don't iPads? This stylish piece of kit efficiently resists damage to the surface of your iPad whilst still retaining an uncompromising visual appeal. 

8. Penfield Casper 5 Panel Cap - A well fitting 5 panel cap adorned with a beautiful English tweed and finished with a branded Penfield patch. Which part of that description is not to like? A hat which is without a doubt in contention for the best cap of the season.

9. Barbour Classic Tartan Scarf - Years of English heritage channeled into a scarf. This one is the inimitable, Barbour's best loved tartan on a soft lambswool scarf. Comfort and effortless style at the very same time.

10. Hugo Boss Travel Document Case - We're calling this one the 'case of tricks'. Not only is it comfortably sized and capable of holding a range of small devices but it also contains two pairs of Hugo Boss branded socks. With a modest price point and the ability to hold your gadgets, it ticks all the boxes with ease.

11. Vans iPhone Waffle Case - The highly regarded Vans waffle case. Vans' 'Waffle Sole' is notoriously hard to wear down and the same high level of craftsmanship and durability is now available for your phone. Obviously we wouldn't recommend pounding the pavement with it as you would your feet but never the less, this thing offers some serious protection.

12. Barbour Paisley Patterned Handkerchiefs- There is nothing that says 'sophisticated male' more than a fine patterned handkerchief to blow your nose on. Whether you do in fact wipe your nose with them or you instead let them protrude from you jacket pocket, these maketh the man.

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adizero Primeknit Launch 30th November

Nov 21st 2012

'Unveiled at the London 2012 Games, the adizero Primeknit by Adidas harnesses breakthrough design and technology, with a seamless knitted one-piece upper'

That's what adidas said and we wholeheartedly agree. An amazing shoe that we've coveted since we first seen them on the feet of the world's best athletes back in the London Olympics. Boasting an innovative construction in combination with clean lines and a refined aesthetic they are true objects of desire. We're one of only 12 select accounts stocking this limited release so as you can expect demand is high and numbers are low. As usual, we won't be offering a pre-order facility to make it a level playing field (or running track) for all participants. If you'd like to register your interest or make any enquiries however, please don't hesitate to email us through steve@triads.co.uk. These are to be released on the 30th November.   


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Free Worldwide Shipping Until Christmas Eve

Nov 21st 2012

Christmas shopping can lay very heavily on the mind. Another thing that can bare down very heavy on the soul is the cost of shipping. We know the story, you've finally decided which item you must have and you've forgotten to account for the cost of delivery. Although we'd like to think our shipping costs are pretty economical on a normal day, we know you'd like it a little better if it was free. We've gladly obliged and from now until Christmas Eve (24th Of December) we will be wavering the cost of shipping, provided you use the code 'FREEDELIVERY' at the checkout. This offer extends across all of our full price products and applies to international customers too. We'll say it one more time, that's FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. From now until you put your carrots and mince pies out on a little table in the living room.


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Top 8 Winter Jumpers At Triads

Nov 20th 2012

Jumpers are one of the most eagerly anticipated elements of the festive season. For us sartorially minded folk they even rank above all that mince pies and pudding lark. Well, how do you expect to keep warm wearing a Christmas Pudding? Choosing the right winter knitwear piece can be a troublesome affair, simply for the fact that there's just so much choice these days. Of course there's certain brands who don't want to compromise their clean aesthetic with a splash of colourful wool but thats okay, we're not saying they have to. Our Top 8 is an extensive selection offering everything from gentlemanly jazz to conformative pieces accented only with a logo. So whether you're going all out for that complete 'David-Jason-in-Open-All-Hours' look or you're simply looking for a subtle splash of excitement, you can be sure we've got the one for you. Check out the Top 8 below and tell us what you think on Facebook.


1. William Fox & Sons Fairisle Yoke Maroon - Arguably the finest pick of the bunch this scores around 67% on the jazz scale as the fairisle print decorates only the neck and cuffs. A fantastic piece for the man who doesn't dare rock an all over pattern but still wants a piece of the festive knitwear pie. This one is entirely made in the British Isles, Scotland to be precise.

2. Norse Projects Birnir Multi Knit Jumper Poppy Red - Definitely one of the louder jumpers in our stable but one that is in contention for the best none the less. Although Norse Projects mean somewhere a lot colder than Middlesbrough when they say 'Product Of The Cold North' its a phrase we can really relate to. This one has a warm winter print in combination with subtle branding so theres not a lot that could've gone wrong to start with.

3. SNS Herning Fisherman Roundneck Jumper Grey - If its good enough for a Fisherman its good enough for you. One of the most mature options out of the eight, it is a uniquely textured piece crafted from 100% virgin wool. A flawless example of knitwear from a brand that does it best.

4. Carhartt Accent Stripe Sweater Brown - This one has almost too many merits to list. However, seeing as though its pretty easy to see whats good about it we'll run off a few for you now. It's got a modest price point, inimitable melange detailing and its by a brand that make things designed to last a lifetime.  

5. Stone Island Fit Proof Logo Sweater Grey - We could probably leave this one at the title. The brand name speaks for itself and as we all know quality comes as standard with this Italian powerhouse. Well fitting, simplistic and refined proving itself an invaluable layer fit for day to day wear.

6. Howlin' By Morrison Shaker Crew Neck Sweater Blue - This one is another heavy hitter, definitely up there in the top 3. Well, 8. It's definitely one of the most appealing as the body utilises a versatile hue which gels nicely with the fair isle necklace and bracelets. This one is also made in Scotland which is further proof if we needed any that they sure know what to do with a knitting needle.

7. YMC Birdseye Crew Neck Sweater Green - Named after the leading brand of fish fingers (not really) this one is a fresh and exciting number that holds a quirky appeal without being too intimidating. Although its available in four versatile colours we chose this one for the sake of festive relevance.

8. Penfield Lewisville Knit Jumper Navy - This one is jostling with Carhartt's Accent Sweater to win the tense battle of high quality low price. We'll have to wait and see who edges it but for now we're counting it as a formiddable force. Crafted from a concerningly soft yet incredibly thick lambswool, it is comfortable and boasts arguably the most festive print of them all.

So there we have it, our favourite 8 jumpers. Grab one, grab two or grab them all! Our full selection of jumpers can of course be found online so have a little browse and give us a shout if you think we've missed any. We're a stubborn bunch so don't forget to argue your case and tell us why your choice should have made the cut.  

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