Melissa - The stunning new S/S 12 Collection...

Jan 28th 2012

Whether it's collaborating with Vivienne Westwood or introducing an independent range, the ever-growing popularity of Melissa shoes is immense. Each style is carefully crafted using their unique plastic technology, creating super comfortable, super cool shoes for all occasions. Every season sees a new and exciting array of colours and designs, perfectly complimenting the current trends.

S/S 12 has been heavily influenced by all things vintage, paying homage to the 1970's Hippie era with the amazing Peace Wedges, and touching on this Summer's hot Navajo look with the gorgeous Lua Sandals.

...And with that sweet candy scent, this S/S 12 collection is literally good enough to eat!

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Spring / Summer 12 Bags & Purses...Finally!

Jan 28th 2012

At long, long last, the prospect of Summer is becoming a reality! The arrival of Vivienne Westwood's S/S 12 bags & purses is all the proof we need that warmer days are upon us.

The stunning new collection is bursting with vibrance and timeless chic, beautifully balanced with soft nude tones amongst splashes of quirky neons. Old favourites take on a new look, including the Chancery Bowling Bag, and we see debut appearances from the unique Anarchy Bag and the amazing Snake Bag.

With everything from petite evening essentials to weekend hold-alls, this fabulous range is one not to be missed...

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Nanamica & Head Porter Spring-Summer 2012

Jan 17th 2012

Just arrived and available to buy instore and online are two of the best brands we have come across. Both hailing from Japan, Nanamica and Head Porter are bringing us some absolute classically styled pieces, re-touched with a modern, technical twist. 

Translated into English as "House of the Seven Seas", Nanamica are perhaps best known for their work with The North Face on the highly exclusive (and unfortunately Japanese only) The North Face Purple Label, which see's Nanamica take classic North Face pieces and give them a full reconstruction using high-tech fabrics and some crazy fabrics - their Bodywarmers and Backpacks are must see pieces.

You can view and purchase the Nanamica collection here

Utilising the same ethics as Nanamica, Head Porter, a division of the legendary Yoshida & Co., have been making luggage and accessories as far back as the mind dare to wander. Their bags really are second to none, and as with Nanamica, were until recently only available to the extremely lucky Japanese market. We could go on all day about just how good the luggage is but we feel its best to take a look at the products themselves which should give some inclination to their superior qualities.

You can view and purchase the Head Porter collection here

So as a little treat to the guys in our studio, we decided to send them out into the cold (we call it "Fresh" they called it "Cold"), and out and about in Middlesbrough near our store to hopefully show how the two brands work fantastically well together.

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