adizero Primeknit 'Marathon Pack'

Dec 24th 2012

Primeknit technology is nothing short of astounding. Never in our years did we expect to see knitwear for our feet but thanks to the constantly innovative adidas and their adizero line, our wildest dreams have been realised. Fusing an aesthetically pleasing and alarmingly light one piece upper with a well performing sports sole the brand have created the perfect athletic shoe which is also fit for day to day casual wear. Usually such technology would compromise the visual appeal of the shoe but this is far from the case, particularly as the brand continue churning out such beautiful colourways. Minimal and refined, nothing more, nothing less.

The 'Marathon Pack' is the second release since the Primeknit's inception back in the Summer of 2012. After stocking the near sell out 'London Olympic' edition we know that these won't be around for long. Four colourways each as beautifully vibrant as the next and each representing a marathon in a different corner of the world. From New York to Beijing, all of the cities are well represented and blessed with an attractive colourway. Each edition comes with a corresponding box which is also decorated with the same hues. Grab a piece of innovation while you can, just make sure you're quick off that starting block. You can check out all four colourways plus the London Olympic edition, here.

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Barbour x Tokito Yoshida Spring & Summer 2013

Dec 19th 2012

Barbour and Tokito Yoshida have been hooking up for a number of successful seasons now and the relentless onslaught of sartorial solutions show no signs of easing up. Their Spring & Summer '13 collection is concise, bordering on perfect. Although at present we're only housing 3 pieces, each fit together seamlessly, all invaluable layers for Spring & Summer and the long and unpredicable months leading up to it.


If there is one thing the collaboration is renowned for it is a painstaking attention to detail. A scary attention to detail might we add. In the past the pairing has churned out details that we had previously never even considered. Somehow they pick up on aspects of a garment we never even knew existed. In previous seasons we've witnessed everything from chambray motorcycle jackets to contemporary sporting quilts and everything in between. For the new season both parties seem to have agreed mutually on a series of lighter layers. From the quirky Cole Polo to the exquisitely cut Jungle Jacket all the pieces in the range maintain a diversity and can be compared to nothing. We're proud of Barbour, one of the only brands we know with such a storied history whilst still keeping firmly affixed on the future.


A series of pieces that are sure to prove themselves worthy investments when the sun comes out and goes back in again and then comes back out for a few days and then starts raining again. You can check out our offering here along with our full Barbour mainline collection right here.

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Norse Projects 'Norse Beanie'

Dec 19th 2012

Norse Projects are the unrivalled purveyors of Scandinavian style. If you see cool people from Scandinavia on some kind of obscure style blog and you find yourself thinking 'I wonder where they got that from?' it's highly likely it's going to be Norse Projects. From rubberised jackets usually reserved for sea faring folk, to relentless headwear drops they are more than efficient when it comes to outfitting solutions. We've had the Autumn & Winter '12 range in since the beginning of the season but we didn't predict just how much you guys love Danish clobber! After selling out of some of our most popular styles it was time for a good old re-up on the accessory front including the Hestra Collab and one of the more festive pieces of kit, the 'Birnir Multi Hat'

Mixed in with the restock was also an entirely new style, the Norse Beanie. It's a strong contender for beanie of the season with it's minimal design affording maximum versatility and making it hard to leave home without. Available in no less than 5 equally wearable hues it is a beautiful piece of headwear which also boasts an astonishingly modest price point. It's a hat so good that it took two companies to make as Norse Projects enlisted Knoll Yarns to spin them a few yarns as it were. Crafted using a British wool sourced from the Scottish highlands it gives us faith in our textile industry. An upper echelon fabric choice if we do say so ourselves. In addition to top notch construction the whole affair is rounded off nicely by a subtle branding tab certifying it a true product of the cold North. So there you have it, a beanie so good we dedicated a whole blog post to it. You can find the Norse Beanie in all 5 colourways here


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20% off Across YMC, Penfield, Folk and Edwin

Dec 12th 2012

As our Christmas competition kicks into 5th gear its about time for another discount code. We realised it was a little scrooge like of us to void discounts after 48 hours so we're continuing over on Canada Goose, Nigel Cabourn, Maison Kitsune and COMME des GARCONS SHIRT and ushering in Penfield, Edwin, YMC and Folk too. All of these brands are eligible for a 20% discount until midnight on Saturday the 15th of December. Simply enter the code 'XMAS20' when you reach the checkout stage. 

Whether you fancy a light hearted piece of knitwear from the quirky Folk or some likely-to-last-a-lifetime jeans from Edwin, we've got you covered, for 20% less. This incredibly generous gesture is all in the name of Jesus' birthday. Don't forget that there's still a chance to win free worldwide shipping for life and £250 worth of Triads vouchers to kick things off. Head over here to find out how. So whether you're treating a loved one or just your good self, its 100% all good.

Please note, we cannot explain to your loved ones on your behalf that you've spent their would-be Christmas cash on Cabourn.


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An Interview With PEdALED's Hideto Suzuki

Dec 11th 2012

PEdALED is nothing short of a revelation. Although the Japanese are famed for their painstaking attention to detail and constantly innovative thinking, PEdALED is a brand that takes it just that little bit further. From jeans that reflect light to cleverly cut Oxford shirts, Hideto Suzuki’s brand leave no stone unturned in their quest for the perfect casual cycling apparel. We were lucky enough to be spared a few moments of Mr. Suzuki’s time last week during which he spoke to us about living in a cabin in the woods, amongst other things of course.


So, let's begin at the start, where did you begin? What did you do before starting PEdALED?
For 15 years I worked as a designer for a Japanese designer Junko Shimada at Paris Collection.  I abandoned the position, seeing that fashion was manipulated by market trend and produced like any other industrial commodities. Whilst traveling around I met some people building log houses. I was fascinated by their life with a respect to nature. For about 4 years after that I lived in nature touching woods, and building with the materials borrowed from the surroundings. I developed a desire to create a new collection that is a fusion of the nature and style. Then I discovered cycling.
How did you come up with the idea for PEdALED?
People would imagine quickness and speed from a bicycle but what I imagined is a more extended period of time. A lifetime. I think that the initial idea came from my experience as a log house builder.


I know a lot of brands start due to the founder being frustrated at the lack of suitable products on the market was it partly this that influenced you? Obviously there is a lot of cycling apparel out there but none quite like PEdALED...
Yes, I was also influenced by the same frustration. There were no garments that fit my lifestyle. No garments that suited leisure time cycling.

PEdALED seems to be an interesting fusion of heritage and modern cuts and technology. Which comes first?
None. The first priority is how to balance that fusion of each element.

With a lot of the line being influenced by classic pieces do you ever wish you were born and could design in another era?
Well, I’m very happy living in this time.


Do you cycle yourself, if so what do you ride?
Yes of course.  For commuting, I ride a Haro Mary SS29, and on the weekend a vintage road bike by CHERUBIM or a Pugsley by Surly.
PEdALED seems to be becoming quite a complete line but which other brands do you admire?
There are lots of great brands, but I really love used military clothing. They are fascinating exhibits of the top notch technology of their bygone era.

How did the collaboration with Diemme come about?
I always liked the philosophy and their elegant products. Hearing from the manager at our Italian office that they are situated pretty close and a collaboration could be possible, I visited Diemme and met with the owner Mr.Dennis. He related to PEdALED’s vision and liked me as an individual. That was what formed the basis of the collaboration.


Are there any other brands you'd like to work with in the near future? What's next for PEdALED as a brand?
I would like to create without being restricted to the realms of fashion for example to collaborate with distinguished bicycle builders, helmet makers, furniture brands, or even coffee brands.
PEdALED will keep evolving. I will bring PEdALED closer to cyclists through new projects.
Finally, we know Japan is a country of particularly good taste so what products do we have here at Triads that are of particular interest to you?
I’m interested in Carhartt. It is exactly that, which I used to wear as a builder every day, and Penfield too as they are an incredibly longstanding brand.


You can shop our full PEdALED range here including the highly coveted collaboration with the Italian tastemakers, Diemme.

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