Red Wing Fall-Winter '12 Delivery

Aug 22nd 2012

Charles H. Beckman's brand has come a long way since it's founding in 1905. All the way from Minnesota the company has found new relevance as footwear fanatics usher in the introduction of heritage inspired footwear. The thing about Red Wing however, is that it isn't 'heritage inspired' it is heritage. They're a real product of their environment and boots that are highly likely to outlast their owner. As morbid as that sounds, it's true. They are a brand with a kind aftercare service and as they're still produced mostly in the United States they have that kind of go hard or go home mentallity to them. We've been singing their praises for a while now so head over to the Red Wing section and we'll let the boots do the talking. All 7 pairs of them. These boots are made for walking and that's just what they'll......yeah, sorry.

Red Wing 1

Red 2

Red 3

Red 4

Red 5

Red 6

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Mini Melissa 'Ultragirl Kitty'

Aug 22nd 2012

We very much doubt your little princess is going to want to kick these off! Gone are the days of disgruntled children not wanting to try on shoes. Well, we can't gurantee it but they smell of bubblegum so that will most likely help with the problem. Mini Melissa's 'Ultragirl Kitty' shoes have just landed at Triads and we're pretty excited. There's no laces to fiddle around with, they're super comfortable and they smell like bubblegum. Incredible. If she wants to walk in her mum's footsteps, now she can! These little cuties go from a 4 to a 9 so we've got you covered.

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Puma By Hussein Chalayan 'Urban Swift'

Aug 22nd 2012

Have you ever seen a shoe so futuristic? Who would have thought ten years ago that Puma would be making shoes that looked like dinosaurs feet. Until Hussein Chalayan came along, they probably wouldn't have. Anyway, we're glad they did. This latest shoe entitled the 'Urban Swift' is the fruitful result of both parties hard work to bring you something new and exciting. It's available in two equally stunning colourways, they lie in wait both instore and online for purchase now.

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Stone Island 30/30 Jacket 30th Anniversary Special Edition

Aug 22nd 2012

There's few brands who have reached the age of thirty and gained more relevance along the way. Stone Island have been innovating for three decades now and the Italian powerhouses are like a fine wine, better with age. The 30/30 jacket is the product of extensive research and experimentation spanning no less than three decades. We sure hope our 30th birthday looks as good as this does.

Stone Island 1

You could say the 30/30 jacket is a outerwear chameleon. Its many changing faces mean that you probably won't need another jacket this season. Actually, you might not need another one ever! We don't want to confuse you with numbers but it's probably worth mentioning that there are 30 possible ways to wear it. There's a total of 10 different ways you can physically put it on with three modes for each. Whether you choose the ice mode, the reflective mode or maybe just the normal one, the reversible cuff and liner button ensures that maximum comfort is retained.

Stone Island 3

It is a stylish hybrid fusing both natural and man made fabrics, all the sum of an intimidating body of technical research. Suitable for a range of climates its not just a pretty decent jacket it could also be your best friend, particularly in the notoriously unpredictable British weather.

Stone Island 3

The Stone Island 30/30 jacket is sure to be a highly coveted piece in the eyes of both collectors and outerwear connoiseurs so be sure to act quick. Blink and you'll miss it and all that.

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