Levi's; The Home Of Vintage

Levi's; The Home Of Vintage

Feb 25th 2011

Levi’s have been involved in the fashion world for over a century and we have their brand new Spring Summer 2011 range now in available at Triads >>

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Won Hundred

Feb 09th 2011

Following on from our first successful season, the new Spring/Summer 11 collection from Won Hundred has started to arrive.

The Brand

Having long felt the urge to launch his own vision of a distinctive clothing line Nikolaj Nielsen, an industry veteran with a vast background in denim, founded Won Hundred with the ambition the challenge the way fashion was grasped in his native Denmark.

Being a new brand with a collection rooted in classical menswear and a willingness to take risks, Won Hundred soon experienced a rapidly increase in interest and attention from both press and retailers.

Today, the team behind Won Hundred works proactively with the mantras; passion, awareness, reaction & fascination in all senses from early stage sketches  to final production. The entrepreneurial approach to the inspiration is, whether conceptual or by sudden impulse, primarily found within different movements in music, cinema and art and serves as a foundation for the sustained mission; to define a modern style for multifaceted and enthusiastic individuals.

The Collection

The SS11 collection itself, whilst being very tight in terms of numbers, is looking fantastic. It offers all your usual staple pieces - from outerwear and sweaters, to t-shirts and pants. The standout piece from the current arrivals is the "Walt" jumper, a classic raglan style sweat in cool indigo blue colour.

You can view and purchase the Won Hundred collection, with more to follow shortly, here

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Stone Island Limited Edition Reflective Jacket

Feb 07th 2011

Recently arrived is a product we have been waiting to get our hands on for some time! The new Spring/Summer 11 Reflective Jacket is now available to purchase online and in store.

The jacket has made using a high-refraction fabric capable of reflecting even the slightest amount of light, such as single pocket torch beam at a distance of 300 meters or weak moon light. This possible due to the high-tech outer coating made of thousands of tiny glass particles. Not only is the light totally reflected, but its intensity is enhanced thanks to the brilliant colour of the fabric, which shows up even if the wearer is completely in the darkness.

The jacket is a truly beautiful piece of garment craftmanship and is a must have addition to your Stone Island collection. As stated, you can purchase the Super Limited Edition Reflective Jacket here

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Humör: A world of style

Humör: A world of style

Feb 03rd 2011

Humör is an up and coming brand which you may not know too much about, find out more about Humör with this post >>

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