The life & times of A Child of the Jago

Sep 21st 2010

"Beautifully crafted", "Fabulous fabrics" - just a few words that can certainly be used when introducing the latest new brand within Triads II.

A Child of the Jago was founded in 2007 by Simon "Barnzley" Armitage (Zoltar the Magnificent, Peoples Wardrobe) and Joseph Corre (Agent Provocateur). As long standing friends they have for many years been making clothing for them selves as individuals using end of line luxury wools cashmeres and cottons. after many years of dressing up and showing off to each other they decided to open a store in the east end within walking distance of the local tailors shops. A Child Of The Jago is a child of the street. The destitute and illegitimate progeny of a hopelessly rundown environment.

In the case of Joseph Corre and Simon “Barnzley” Armitage, the street is Great Eastern and the physical environment is a former Victorian slum in East London where the alley wise hero of Arthur Morrison’s book, A Child of the Jago takes place. But the spiritual environment that has catalyzed Corre and Armitage’s enterprise is an even more threatening and sprawling slum, that of the creatively impoverished and commercially corrupt homogeny represented by the menswear status quo. Corre and Armitage are acutely aware that the world their new child is entering will offer it no sympathy and give it no quarter. A Child of the Jago isn’t being raised to expect a warm welcome. It’s being brought up to cause trouble while it contrives to raises the bar.

The products themselves are some of the best, and some might say "daring", that we have had instore. The knitwear for instance, featuring the Jago Wasp logo embroidered throughout and "Terrorist" arm patch is what you might term a stunningly beautiful piece, and coming in three colours you are spoilt for choice. The Dazzle jeans may seem a little unusual, well VERY unusual,  but pop instore and try these on and you will see what all the fuss is about. On to the t-shirts, you will find some fantastic graphics with some of the more "daring" pictures you may think you have seen something similar before? Maybe vintage Westwood springs to mind?? Well thats because co-founder Joseph Corre is the son of Vivienne Westwood and the late Malcolm Mclaren, so its only natural that influences of a Westwood nature would appear throughout the collection.

We have more A Child of the Jago products instore which will be added online soon, so please take a visit to our Linthorpe Road store to view the collection in person, or you can purchase the collection online here.

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DRKSHDW by Rick Owens

Sep 09th 2010

"Glamour meets Grunge" - the words often used to describe the look of Rick Owens. Though as Owens himself says "I try to make clothes the way Lou Reed does music, with minimal chord changes, and direct. It is sweet but kind of creepy. It`s about giving everything I make a worn, softened feeling. It`s about an elegance tinged with a bit of the barbaric. The sloppiness of something dragging and the luxury of not caring".

Born in Porterville, Southern California, Owens now lives and works in Paris. His aesthetic is shaped by black & white Hollywood movies and the rawness of a decayed end of Hollywood Boulevard where he started his label in the early nineties after dropping out of art school. After his first runway show in New York sponsored by Vogue Magazine in 2001, he was awarded the CFDA new talent award in 2002. This success enabled him to relocate his entire studio to Paris in 2003 after being appointed Artistic Director at Revillon, the renowned French fur maison. A furniture collection followed using materials such as raw plywood, antlers, cashmere and marble. The collection was inspired by his favourite shapes from Eileen Grey to Brancusito California skate parks.

2007 was a busy year where the accolades kept coming. After launching his own fur collection under the label Palais Royal, the name of his Parisian boutique, he was awarded the Cooper-Hewitt national design award for fashion design, as well as the Rule Breakers award from the Fashion Group International. The same year also saw the release of his now famous photo book "L` al-je bien Descendu?". After the original Paris store, Owens opened further boutiques in Tribeca, NYC (2008), Mayfair, London and Ayoama, Tokyo (both 2009) then in Seoul, Korea in 2010.

Called a "Minimalist Goth" designing "High Priestess Shrouds", his work is exemplified by architectural jackets and bias cuts wrapped and zipped around the body in somber tones.

"The clothes I make are my autobiography. They are the calm elegance I want to get to and the damage ive done on the way. They are an expression of tenderness and raging ego. They are an adolescent idealization and it`s inevitable defeat." - Rick Owens

We are very, very proud to introduce to you the super exclusive DRKSHDW by Rick Owens collection, a collection utilised by shapes reinterpreted in classic fabrics, with the use of denim prominent throughout. The carefully selected collection is in our opinion, everything we feel neccessary to pass on the luxurious feel of Rick Owens.

You can view and purchase the collection here.

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