Woolrich John Rich & Bros 180th Anniversary Collection

Oct 25th 2010

Woolrich Woolen Mills is by far and away one of the best brands around, that goes without saying. The quality is fantastic, the design is at times breathtaking and their ultra-tight distribution policy helps enormously with independents such as ourselves to really develop the brand. The fact that the customers seem to love the product as much as the staff is of course a major advantage!! Ok, the price isn't exactly the cheapest, but we cannot stress enough that given the right care and attention, the outerwear pieces in particular should last you a lifetime.

So when we were approached to view the 180th Anniversary collection, produced under the Woolrich John Rich & Bros moniker, we jumped at the chance. The collection was truly beautiful and was what you could call a "Greatest Hits" collection, featuring styles from years gone by, though in most cases given a modern twist.

The collection was unusually quite large for a predominantly outerwear offering, and as much as we would of loved to have brought you the full collection, we felt we had to whittle it down to what we would call the very best pieces. So what was a little bizarre was when our buyers selected their best styles, only to be told that these pieces where the only ones in the collection to be designed by a certain Daiki Suzuki!! Though to be honest, with Suzuki being of course creative director at Woolrich Woolen Mills, this shouldn't of come as much of a surprise.

Overall the collection got a massive thumbs up from us and is an incredible snapshot of a brand who for over 180 years have done pretty much everything right without ever sacrificing their integrity.

As we have said, you will be very hard pressed to find many stockists of this collection in the World, let alone the UK, and with a massive positive response instore you can now view and purchase the collection here.

P.S - If your a little unsure of which one to purchase, I mean lets face it they all look fantastic, my personal standout piece is the Humboldt Field Jacket (though judging from customer reaction the classic Polar Parka seems to be coat of choice!!)

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adidas x Star Wars - the finale

Oct 21st 2010

You may of noticed the recent addition to our site from the exclusive adidas x Star Wars collection. The time has come for the grand finale, with three footwear styles which simply encompass all that was majestical about the collection.

The Metro Attitude, probably adidas' best know Basketball shoe has been produced in ode to Jabba the Hutt. The full leather upper comes in green of course with gold detailing. No adidas collection could be mentioned without the inclusion of one of their iconic ZX styles, and this time its the ZX800, featuring everyones favourite Bounty Hunter, and all round bad guy, Boba Fett. And last but certainly not least is our personal favourite, the Chewbacca Jogging Hi, a style which was revolutionary at the time though has never been re-released until 2010. Obviously with Chewbacca in mind, the hi-top style features some brown fluffy madness!! The "Wookie" lace jewels cap the style of nicely.

All three styles come in the now famous vacuum packed cases.

The collection, as with past Star Wars release, comes in highly exclusive numbers and can be purchased here

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Uniforms for the Dedicated

Oct 21st 2010

First established in 2007, Uniforms for the Dedicated forms a continuously growing playground of men's fashion, music, art projects and film. In line with creator diversity and co-existence, these different expressions are aimed to interplay in combined collections, whilst run separately under a shared umbrella.

Hence, to follow up A Play of Nonsense and 1020 Trickery Lane, the concepts of the previous fall and spring collections respectively, the collection March of No Coincidence of Autumn/Winter 2010 is combined with a new clothing line, music, conceptual artwork and short film.

With the conception that an adventurous state of mind foster both creativity and degree of opportunity, the characters of Uniforms for the Dedicated captured their alter egos on March of No Coincidence, a concept of a board game which play instructions are left to be challenged for realisation of any vision or destiny.

Similarity, driven by continuous experimentation and characterised by a playful yet functional approach, they are crossing elements from various design and time periods to create a line of clothing sustainable over time. Whatever mischief each project or collection may entail, whether it may be design, music or art, they continuously aim to grow the bag of tricks under the creative umbrella of Uniforms for the Dedicated.

The UftD collection is now available online, with some of this season best outerwear and can be purchased here.

You can now also view the amazing Uniforms feat. Maria Nordstrom  - March of No Coincidence music video here

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AW10 Accessories: Westwood's winter delights now available at Triads

Oct 14th 2010

Vivienne Westwood's fleet of exciting new bags for the 2010 winter have arrived, and they will not leave fans disappointed.

Vivienne Westwood accessories AW10

This year's collection is as diverse as ever, ranging from several large shoppers swaithed in a vibrant winter tartan, to some fierce-looking  Zig Zag bags  which for under £200 for the smaller version, are perfect for the Westwood lover on a budget.

One of our partiular favourites this season is the welcome return of the  Flinstone bag. These bold little bags come in three lively colours to warm up the winter months; red, black and a candy green. Each bag hides a secret - the lively leather exterior can be completely removed for a completely new look; Westwood's classic and legendary pirate pattern, topped with a golden orb.

As well as bags, those with chilly hands will rejoice the arrival of 4 very different styles of Vivienne Westwood gloves. The sophisticates amongst you will love the bright red or classic black style, guaranteed to make your fingers feel fabulous. Alternitavely, a trailblazing-fuschia style is available for the more adventurous, and is also available in black with a mentallic gold trim. each glove is made of a gorgeoussly soft leather.

Our entire stock of AW10 bags and gloves are now available for puchase online.

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Loake Footwear now online and instore

Oct 12th 2010

Following on from the success of some of our more traditional footwear offerings, think Grenson and Trickers to name but a few, another new addition to our footwear portfolio is Loake.

The Loake family has been producing fine, handmade men's footwear for longer than anyone can remember. The tradition began in 1880, when three brothers - Thomas, John and William - opened a factory in Northamptonshire in the heart of the English shoemaking industry. The aim was to provide the most handsome, comfortable and durable gentlemen's shoes possible.

Today, more than 125 years and five generations later, Loake is still family owned and operating in the same town in Northamptonshire. Their shoes have become a favourite with discerning customers worldwide and are exported to over 30 countries.

No detail is compromised in this premium range of footwear, made using techniques that can be traced back to when Loake first started. Loake use the very best hand-burnished calf leather, as well as their own leather-built heels, leather linings and insoles.

You can view and purchase the collection here.


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