The Umbro World Champions Collection

May 05th 2010

With the World Cup almost upon us, brands have gone into football overdrive by offering footwear and apparel in celebration of some of the countries taking part. But looking through these supposedly limited edition collections, its amazing to notice that none of them have actually included the most essential of all football related items - the replica shirt.

With this in mind, Umbro have produced a SUPER LIMITED collection of replica shirts, each produced for only the seven winning nations of the biggest prize in world football.


2009 marked the beginning of a new chapter in Umbro`s tailoring story. They launched a new England home kit that was created with a revolutionary design philosophy: the shirt is constructed to move with your body instead of around your body. The shirt perfectly sums up what Umbro is all about: the combination of innovative performance technology and a classic tailoring aesthetic.

In honour of this years tournament, they have used this shirt as a canvas to celebrate the seven teams who`ve each earned the right to wear a star on their national shirt. The designs of the shirts themselves were inspired by classic kits from those Champion nations. They then asked an artist from each of the countries to design the individual crests.

The artists they collaborated with represent a diverse set of creative backgrounds - they range from established to up-and-comers, from illustrators to designers, fine artists to tattoo artists. Their crests each tell unique, deep stories of football culture in their countries, and incorporate the hallowed stars to signify their historic victories. Artists who have taken part include: Andre (France), Marok (Germany), Ben Eine (England), ZZK Records (Argentina), Fernando Chamarelli (Brazil), Martin Albornoz (Uruguay) and last but certainly not least Tanino Liberatore (Italy).

The clash of heritage and modernity; sport and culture; fierce local pride and a global shared passion. This is football, and we love it.

As stated, the collection is highly limited edition (we mean it on this occasion!!) and is available through only a select number of stores including our goodselves.

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