Melissa and Westwood's Plastic Dreams

Jul 14th 2010

The Autumn/Winter 2010 season see's the arrival of Vivienne Westwood Anglomania x Melissa's brightest collection yet......

This is the 4th collaborative season for the two fashion innovators who each hail from different corners of the world.

Melissa was born in 1979 in brazil when the famous shoe company Grendene created a PVC shoe (the birth of the "Jelly Sandal"), the company further evolved into Melissa and now creates their stunning and colourful range from 100% eco-friendly (and deliciously smelling) plastic. Vivienne Westwood, as we all know, has been influencing the fashion world since her rise to fame in the 1970's on the famous Kings Road, London. The Anglomania range was created in 1993 and again offered eco and animal-friendly substitutes to the rest of the fashion industry.

It seemed innevetable that these two environmentally friendly fashion giants would one day join forces. And they did for the A/W 2008 season with their first collection that became an instant hit with the fashion world. So here we are now, 2 years later with their most colourful collection to date. The famous Lady Dragon Heart shoes return with stunning shades of violet, pink and blue all perfectly finished with an over-sized peach heart.

The Vivienne Westwood Anglomania x Melissa range is available here

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Coming Soon..... S.N.S. Herning

Jul 08th 2010

We could of entitled this post "The return of.... S.N.S. Herning" rather than "Coming Soon....." - why? Whilst its certainly a brand that most of you will of heard of, what you maybe didnt know was that Triads were the very first UK stockist of the brand maybe 3 or 4 years ago, long before the recent invasion of the numerous Scandinavian brands that exist in todays market.

So who are S.N.S.? The company was founded in 1931 by Soren Nielsen Skyt (S.N.S.) in Herning, Denmark. As a young man, he made a living by selling knitted garments of his own making. In the late 1920`s, he learned about a technique of knitting with "bubble" patterns that increased the insulating abilities of garments.

Relying on these techniques, he began manufacturing the so-called FISHERMAN sweater, which was intended to protect its wearer from the rough weather at sea, and to be robust enough to withstand the wear and tear from the hard work.

All knitting at the S.N.S. Herning mill is done with aged machinery from the German producer of knitting machinery, Stoll. Even if the actual knitting is a purely mechanical process, nothing would be achieved without adding the knowledge of the artisan operating the machine. To celebrate this fact, all knits leaving the S.N.S. Herning mill bear the handwritten signature of the artisan who knitted the item.

Rather than making anonymous mass-produced products, S.N.S. like the fact that after purchasing your product, you can actually trace the origin of the garment back to the man in charge of the machine knitting it. The signed tags testify to the meeting of man and machinery in the making of every single knit. The idea of tracing origins was also the reason why Soren Nielsen Skyt initially decided to use his own initials and the city where the production was done as part of the registered trademark for his knits.

So onto the products. The quality of the garments is a living testament to the artisans producing them. We have a number of styles in various colours arriving, all of which have been produced using only the most premium of wool available.  The FISHERMAN is an obvious choice though we have gone for both the pullover and zip-through versions, theres also the NAVAL sweater in three colours, along with the RIGID sweater and knitted jacket in Navy Blue. Also should be arriving in time for the autumn months so keep a check on the latest arrivals section of our site for further information.

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Barbour Beacon Heritage Collection by Tokihito Yoshida

Jul 08th 2010

After an extraordinarily successful premiere in Autumn Winter 2009, Barbour will continue its exciting collaboration with Japanese designer Tokihito Yoshida for a third season. A premium limited edition capsule collection, the men-only Beacon Heritage range packs phenomenal attention to detail.

A graduate from Kuwasawa Design School, Tokihito has previously designed for companies including Mens Bigi, Harolds Gear and Blades Savile Row in Japan before founding his own brand, To Ki To in 1997. Tokihito is renowned for his meticulous focus on detail and feel for country functionality and he effortlessly blends Barbour’s distinctive style with his own. Highlights for this season include the waxed Military jacket with its seemingly endless pockets and the Field jacket, a Barbourised army classic paying homage to the brand’s military heritage.

For the first time, quilts feature in the collection. Distinctive vertical quilting brings a new dynamism to the Blouson and Motor Cycling quilts, while suede patches on the shoulder and elbows enliven the Sporting quilt and Sporting wax quilt bringing the countryside to the city. Each of these individual jackets is beautifully engineered with a host of authentic and extraordinary features. Favourites from Autumn Winter 09, such as the Horse Riding, Bicycle and Driving jackets return for another season.

Targeted at the high-end fashion consumer, the collection is once again only available through a carfeully selected group of worldwide boutiques and should start arriving at Triads shortly.

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Coming Soon..... Pointer Footwear

Jul 05th 2010

Following on from our earlier post about the imminent arrival of the Edwin Jeans collection, we can now tell you that we received the first pair of denim yesterday. It is the classic ED-67 Jean, produced using a nice, light 11.25-oz denim and retailing for £80.00. These will be added online today with the rest of the collection arriving very soon.

We also received confirmation late yesterday that the first batch of the new AW10 Pointer Footwear collection is also on route. This is the first season we have housed the Pointer collection, and we have kept it extremely tight to just four classic styles.

Theres the now famous Crago, which comes in two colours, Tan and Navy Blue, with a lovely leather and suede make-up and the Cyril II in Black, again produced using a mix leather and suede upper. Both styles of which have a similar shape to the Clarks Originals Desert Boot.

Finally, and the one which we are looking forward to the most, is the Benson Ankle Boot which has been produced in Portugal using only the most premium of leathers available. Rather than go for a solid colour though, we have chosen the Chestnut/Olive style, which we feel looks slightly more luxurious and really benefits the premium fabrics used on the construction.

As stated, the first batch will be arriving soon and added online straight away so please keep a check on our `New Arrivals` section here>


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Out with the old in with the new

Jul 05th 2010

Before we start on the new, let us remind you that the Triads sale continues. With now up to a massive 70% off certain brands and products, there`s more than a few bargains to be had. But we must warn you, stock is now running very low and the store is starting to look a little bare! Which brings us nicely onto our next point.

It`s that time again when the staff and customers alike start itching for the new collections to arrive, and although we have barely tasted Summer this year, the Autumn/Winter collections are now arriving thick and fast. And what comes with a new season? New brands. Over the next week or two we will be bringing you information on the new brands set to arrive instore and online and believe us when we tell you, theres some tasty new additions to the current Triads offer.

First up, due to the massive SS10 success of our denim brands, namely Levi`s Vintage and Lee, we felt the time was right to introduce another denim based brand into the mix. Looking for a brand with history and a prestige that is unparalleled isnt that easy, so thats when we thought of Edwin Jeans. Fantastic products from a company steeped in history.

Established in 1947, founder Mr Tsunemi of the Tsunemi KK Company had a passion for denim, which inspired him to import denim from the United States as denim manufacturing was none existent in Japan at that time. Buying up used, worn-out and dirty denim, Mr Tsunemi laundered and mended them by hand in order to sell on to his ever expanding customer list.

In 1951 domestically manufactured denim was available in Japan for the first time. The denim though was expensive and of inferior quality compared to the denim Tsunemi was importing from America at the time. This drove him to create his own denim, with greater sophistication in fits, washes and quality, and in 1961, Mr Tsunemi crafted the first pair of his own denim jeans. Utilising the letters D,E,N,I and M (reversing the M and creating a W), he created the brand name Edwin. From this point on in Edwin denim history, quality, craftsmanship, innovation and integrity have been paramount to the ethos and aesthetic for the brand.

The company went from strength to strength and by 1963, they had produced the world`s heaviest denim at 16-oz, and legend has it that they would stand up on their own even after washing. The 16-oz jeans also featured the now famous three-colour rainbow selvedge, which is still used today and has become a staple piece of the Edwin brand.

Not resting on the high standards the company had now set themselves, over the following decades, Edwin set the standard from which other denim brands would eventually follow with a number of firsts. For instance, in the 1970`s they were the first company in the world to develop `old wash`, designed to replicate denim which had been worn from its rigid, unwashed state traditionally designed for workwear due to its durability. Then a decade later in the 1980`s, Edwin invented `stone washing` which revolutionized the entire denim industry and was a pivotal moment in the evolution of denim manufacturing, thus influencing every denim company in existence today. In the 1990`s, they then created the `new vintage` denim concept, which encompasses the subtle beauty of hand replicating vintage washes from archive references pre-dating 1947.

But let’s not forget that Edwin are not all about denim. They also offer an equally beautiful collection of outerwear, knitwear, sweaters, t-shirts and accessories. The collection of which should start arriving instore and online this week.

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