alkr accessories

Feb 09th 2010

Over the next few days we are expecting delivery of some amazing accessories from alkr. These include iphone protection cases in four colours and also the classic urban protection sleeves to fit both a 13" and 15" laptop, again coming in four colours.

alkr, coming from Hamburg, Germany are certainly making quite a few waves in the accessories market, and for those who may not of heard of them, we`ll leave it to the alkr guys to explain;

We are not only designers, marketing guys and gadget freaks, but most importantly we are in love with our gadgets like Macbooks and iPhones. We use them every day for work, and we travel the globe with them. But, at some point, we realized that something was missing in all those lounges, conference rooms, war rooms, coffee shops, and edit suits.

As much as we love the gadgets, we didn´t like the stuff that was made to protect them. It all felt too dull. Why should we hide an amazing piece of technology in something that did´t excite us as much as the gadget itself? We did´t find laptop sleeves or iPhone cases that lived up to the same design standards we saw in front of us when we bought the gadgets.

So in 2009 we made a decision, and alkr® was founded. The 2009 year may not be the best economical decision, but it’s a great year to take chances and try new things. Our colorful and stylish laptop sleeves and iPhone cases are designed by a small team of people who have traveled throughout the world. They all live up to the highest standards and will never let you down.

alkr® products are designed to cheer you up and make travel more fun.


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